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Holy Annunciation
Orthodox Church
15 Prospect Street, Maynard, MA 01752 | 978-897-7695
Theotokos, and Ever Virgin Mary
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Service Schedule
Great Vespers:
Divine Liturgy: SUN, 10 AM
  Church School: SUN, 9 AM
  Choir Rehearsal: SUN, 9 AM

No Matins: Mar 18

Weekday Feasts
7:00 PM
Liturgy: 9:30 AM

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About Our Parish - The Town of Maynard

From a village of less than two thousand population in 1871 to a community of approximately ten thousand at present, the town of Maynard remains a small vibrant town. Area wise, it is the smallest town in Massachusetts with a radius of only five miles in any direction. The town was incorporated on April 19, 1871 and named after its founder and most prominent citizen Amory Maynard.

The old Assabet Mills dominated the area and attracted immigrants from many parts of the world who came to this country looking for work and a "new" life (i.e. Irish, Finns, Lithuanians, Italians, Polish, Russians, English, German, etc.). It was and still remains a so-called "Blue Collar" community with continued life and activity.

Written by: Retired Deacon Andre Beshta, former resident of Maynard, assachusetts.

Visit the Maynard, MA Town Web site for more information.

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